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Episode 18: About Podcasting...

Show notes

So you want to start your own podcast? The message reached IT Reality and we have responded... Joining ITR this week is John White & Nick Korte from the Nerd Journey Podcast as well as Matt Murhpy & Drew Findling from the Unfinished Business Podcast. As a group, we shared our experience and some tips so that you might activate the mic and start recording just a little bit quicker...

Unfinished Business with Chester and the Shrew on Instagram - Matt Murphy & Drew

From John Nicholson of the Virtually Speaking podcast: How to succeed as a profesional tech podcast

Content creation is more important than the gear. Focus on the practice/skills.

“What is or is not podcast?” Why do we create podcasts?

Choose a topic that you enjoy so that you are motivated to stick with it as you likely won’t make money creating a podcast.

24 minutes in and we finally start talking gear… 
Zoom, Hangouts, @SquadCastFM are software tools that may be invaluable.

Just get started! You can learn the process before ever actually releasing content. Let that be your little secret.

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