E-Mail vs Chat, Which is better in a given instance?

Episode 13: E-Mail vs Chat, Which is better in a given instance?

Show notes

This week, Richard Kenyan and Vince Wood cover communicating methods E-Mail and Chat in the IT space in 2020.

  • Pros & Cons
    • E-Mail - Slower/more detailed
    • Chat - instant/less detail/formatted
  • Software Clients & their effect
  • Business Gotchas
    • Misuse
    • Misunderstanding
      • Of purpose
      • Of value when only looking at the bill for X service
    • Missed opportunity
  • Constant Contact - Ticketing updates - Use of IM is more efficient than email? Updates frequently to keep teammates abreast of situations.
  • How to use each to avoid a meeting
    • Reference: “This meeting could have been an e-mail”

Links mentioned in this episode: https://writingexplained.org/e-mail-or-email


Richard Kenyan

Richard Kenyan

IT for 20+ years. NetApp & VMware Engineer. Strong public speaking & end-user training skillsets w/Master of Education. Leader of the BuffaloVMUG & a VMware vExpert x4. Husband, Father, Friendly Geek.

Vince Wood

Vince Wood

IT Pro. HoustonVMUG Leader. 2x vExpert. Sober since April 2021. Dog dad to Penny the Corgi. Harley Rider.

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