Fear not, the Cloud Migration.

Episode 79: Fear not, the Cloud Migration.

Businesses are moving applications and services to "the cloud" at an increasing rate. This is not something that you, as an IT pro, should fear. Give a listen and find out why we think so.

Show notes

This week we are extremely happy to welcome Brian Knudtson to the podcast to discuss cloud migrations and job security concerns. We’re getting misty here folks, and all while, “THE CLOUD IS ON FIRE THE CLOUD IS ON FIRE!!”

Topics discussed:

  1. Who is Brian Knudtston
  2. Change is constant, embrace it
  3. Be Proactive, get involved with business meetings
  4. The Cloud Migration has the potential to open new tech doors for you
  5. Resist the urge to remain in your silo
  6. Small world, you never know where your next gig will come from...
  7. Blogging your challenges can benefit yourself as well as others
  8. The Quiz

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Vince Wood

Vince Wood

IT Pro. HoustonVMUG Leader. 2x vExpert. Sober since April 2021. Dog dad to Penny the Corgi. Harley Rider.

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Nathan Bennett

Nathan Bennett

Worker, Gamer, Husband, Friend. Living in a multi-cloud world. AWS-SAA, CKA, VCP-CMA. #TweetsAreMyOwn #vExpert**


Brian Knudtson

Brian Knudtson

I tweet about what I care about - technology, science, and politics and social movements. Director @ilandcloud. Host of @TheCloudBytes Podcast.

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