Pilot AKA Episode 0.

Episode 1: Pilot AKA Episode 0.

Show notes

ITR is a conversational podcast about IT beyond the Marketing and Sales pitch. Topics will be primarily, but not limited to, tech found within businesses. Drawing on over a decade of experience, H-Town Vinny will be sharing conversations with IT Pros and other guests with as much or more experience. For the younger audience, let the conversations within be a pro tip. For those with equal or more time in the pro seat, you are invited to contribute. Reach out via email (Podcast@ITReality.US) or on Twitter(@ITRealityUS).


Vince Wood

Vince Wood

IT Pro. HoustonVMUG Leader. 2x vExpert. Sober since April 2021. Dog dad to Penny the Corgi. Harley Rider.

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