Ticket Systems... They're everywhere & you need one.

Episode 58: Ticket Systems... They're everywhere & you need one.

Tune in to this episode of ITR for advice from Richard Kenyan & Richard Henry on how to succeed using them. Oh, and Vince Wood.

Show notes

Topics discussed:

  • Ticket system options
    • Spiceworks
    • JIRA/Atlasian
    • ZenDesk
    • Kaseya
    • FreshService / FreshDesk
    • Kayako
    • SalesForce
    • IssueTrak
    • Henry’s Favorite: Happy fox?
    • The one Henry hates: Service NOW!
    • Paper based?
    • Emails AKA your inbox?
    • Custom made ticket systems
  • Why they matter
    • Minimal staff
    • Issue tracking / history
    • Common interface
    • Human brains forget stuff
    • User Training. Stepping stone to further user training...
  • Use Cases
    • IT orgs
    • Service Providers
    • Other Business units work tracking?
    • Individual work management?
    • Request handling due to automated ticket creation
    • He said / She said tracking...
  • Feature sets
    • Integrations with other systems
    • Workflows
    • Remote control
    • Phone System entry
    • Email acceptance
    • Web Based vs Web exposed
  • How to be successful using them
    • Cleanup of tickets as well as environment management
    • Notes/comments about users/objects/issues
    • Internal Processes
    • Resolution documentation
    • Experience navigating ticket systems
  • How to Manage them
    • RH: Be patient, adoption can take 6 months
    • Top down management is key. Upper levels need to back the implementing group
    • Metrics are not the end all be all. Consider context when managing
    • Labor management


Vince Wood

Vince Wood

IT Pro. HoustonVMUG Leader. 2x vExpert. Sober since April 2021. Dog dad to Penny the Corgi. Harley Rider.

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Richard Kenyan

Richard Kenyan

IT for 20+ years. NetApp & VMware Engineer. Strong public speaking & end-user training skillsets w/Master of Education. Leader of the BuffaloVMUG & a VMware vExpert x4. Husband, Father, Friendly Geek.


Richard Henry

Richard Henry

Senior Systems Engineer | @ClevelandVMUG Co-Leader | Husband | Dad | Bowler | Full time geek | vExpert

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