S1E4 - When IT goes Bump in the Night.

Episode 5: S1E4 - When IT goes Bump in the Night.

Show notes

This week, Mr. Chris, Sam, and H-Town Vinny talk about when IT stuff breaks or "when IT goes Bump in the Night". This episode is less structure than previous episodes as us IT Pros need to let go and have some fun sometimes. You are going to want to listen ALL the way through this one.

Example Scenarios

  1. Straw that broke the camels back
  2. "It was working yesterday?"
  3. Dammit Bob! or Outside actors causing problems

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Vince Wood

Vince Wood

IT Pro. HoustonVMUG Leader. 2x vExpert. Sober since April 2021. Dog dad to Penny the Corgi. Harley Rider.

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